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• One Chief Author can Submit a maximum of two abstracts in each section (Papers / Posters / Videos) One Instruction Course can be submitted.
• Chief author has to be a KOS member.
• Submission deadlines will be exactly adhered to.
• Mere acceptance of paper / poster / video is not a criteria for issuing presentation certificate ( physical presence with presentation is a must).
• All submissions are to be done through the chief authors account only.
• No Change in the chief/Presenting Author will be allowed once submitted.

General Guidelines

• No change in the presenting author will be allowed.
• Institution / hospital affiliation and doctor’s name in the abstract's title / synopsis should not be mentioned and will lead to automatic rejection.
• The abstracts should be submitted online at www.kosscientific.in
• Abstracts submitted by fax or mail will not be accepted.
• Style : The abstract, must be written in English and should not exceed 1000 characters. It should be structured with the subtitles : Purpose, Methods , results and Conclusions. Title of the abstract should not exceed 100 characters.
• KOS members are strictly advised to submit through the section named "KOS MEMBER" only on the home page. Any Submissions in the "Non KOS Member" section will be automatically disqualified.

Checklist : For Abstract Content

• Is the title descriptive of the abstract ? Does the title avoid gratuitous statements and irrelevant information ?
• Studies barely under way or in which the outcome may be inconclusive should not be submitted.
• Scientific abstracts will be evaluated without the knowledge of the name or affiliation of the author. Thus, identifying phrases within the title and abstract itself are not allowed and will result in automatic disqualification of the abstract without evaluation.
• Does the abstract contain a concise statement which can be evaluated by an impartial observer, covering the following :
Why did you do?
What did you find?
What did you do?
What does it mean?
• Abstracts with statements such as “will be done”,“ is underway” , “will be analyzed” , “ will be discussed” or “no data / Insufficient data” – to prove results, wrong methodology and data acquisition, period of study not given, not enough subjects to draw the conclusion will not be accepted.
• Proof read abstract. Conciseness, clarity and care in the preparation of your abstract are important considerations in the Scientific Committee’s deliberations. Misspellings and typographical errors do a disservice to your scientific work and your abstract will appear exactly as typed.
• Is your abstract within the character limit?

Guidelines for Video Submission

1. Each Chief author can submit upto 2 videos,
• One long video of 7minutes: Film Festival (can include graphics, commentary, subtitles)
• One short video of 3 minutes without commentary/graphics and if selected presenting author should be there on the stage to present.
2. Abstract of the videos must be entered in the video section of abstract submission portal.
3. Two CDs of the video film in MPEG format have to reach the office of the scientific committee chairman by courier / registered post before the deadline(September 15th 2019).
Dr Elankumaran P
Chairman Scientific Committee KOS.
Navashakthi Nethralaya, 1803, Outer Ring Road,
HBR lay out 5th block, Bangalore 43
4. Videos will be judged according to the educational value, originality, and expert use of the medium.


1. All Free Paper/ Poster / Video awards will be given to the chief author only and the author has to be a member of Karnataka Ophthalmic Society.

Guidelines for Instruction Courses

1. Chief Instructor has to be a KOS member.
2. One Chief Instructor can submit only ONE Instruction course.
3. Indicate the appropriate level of the course: Advanced, Intermediate, Basic
4. Chief Instructor’s brief resume has to be sent and it should not exceed 600 characters. Ensure that the name of Institution of the Instructor/co instructor, place of work or positions held in State/National bodies are not revealed. These, if mentioned may lead to non-consideration / rejection of the course. The chief instructor ‘s resume relevant to the instruction course would form an important criteria for the selection.
5. Course synopsis- Instruction Course Synopsis should not exceed 1000 characters . Instruction course title should not exceed 100 characters. If selected , the Submitted format of the Instruction Course must be strictly adhered to without any change in topics/ timings/ speakers.
6. Change of Instructors/ title /topics is NOT possible once the course has been submitted. The maximum numbers of Co-Instructors allowed for any course is five . Co instructors can participate in a maximum of 2 instruction courses only.
7. The duration of all the ICs will be 55 minutes with 5 minutes change over time.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

1. E- Posters will be displayed through electronic Kiosks/ Computers.
2. All e-posters will be considered as a competitive section.
3. Registration for the conference is mandatory for presenting author.
4. Certificate for E-poster presentation can be collected at the e- poster counter on the last day.
5. Poster can have an interesting case , case series, pilot study or an ongoing research with the initial data.
6. Maximum of 10 slides is allowed per E- poster including Financial interest and title slide .
7. First slide to show the unique id Number of the E-Poster (Example:P123), title of the Poster,Section and all author's names along with chief author's KOS number.
8. The font size should be minimum of 18 and above .
9. The font should be Times new Roman.
10. Pictures and graphics should be labeled and described.
11. Do not fit too much information on one slide.
12. E posters should contain no video clips/animation files.

Guidelines for free paper presentation

1. The time limit is 6 minutes for free paper presentation. As this is competitive session marks will be deducted if the presentation is not completed by 6 minutes.The mike will automatically turn off after 6 minutes. Please ensure that you edit your presentations appropriately to avoid inconvenience.
2. No personal laptops are allowed. The power point presentations will have to be uploaded prior. The details will be announced once finalized.
3. If you have pictures or videos in the presentation please ensure that the same are included along with the power point in the same folder, and compress the folder (winzip / winrar) before uploading.
4. It is imperative that you check in with the chair person/hall co-ordinator of the session as you enter the hall so that your presence is confirmed.
5. No change in the presenting author will be allowed.
6. Registration for the conference is mandatory for presenting author.
Free paper will be judged on:
• Originality
• Scientific content
• Relevance in clinical practice
• Quality of presentation
7. The Best paper in each section will qualify for the M M Joshi overall best paper award session.
8. The judges decision will be final.
9. Certificates of presentation must be picked up by showing the conference registration tag on the last day of the conference at the certificate counter.
10. The free paper should stick to the following guide lines ;
• Font : Times New Roman
First slide to show the unique id Number of the Free Paper (Example:FP123), title of the Free Paper,Section and all author's names along with chief author's KOS number.
• Font size: It should be minimum of 18.
• Use clear headings and leave spaces between sections
• Text should not be obscured by images
• Do not fit too much information on one slide
• Maximum of 16-20 slides excluding the title slide ,financial interest and thank you slides.
11.The Names in the certificate will appear exactly as typed at the time of abstract submission. Please check the spellings and the designation (chief & Presenting author) correctly while submitting the abstract .No change in the Name/Spelling/Authorship will be entertained once submitted.